SoMeThInGs… sPeCiAL. about DiWaLi moORNing

Surely Diwali is one festival closest to my heart right from childhood. Previously it was the crackers which excited me more than anything and now its the whole feel which completely enthralls me.

SoMeThInGs… sPeCiAL. about DiWaLi moORNing

its always chilly

the morning bath

smell of utna (a preparation made from grounded coconut)

feel of utna on ur body

feels like a kid when your are in your underwear and mom applies utna to U … LoL (i also remember my granny doing the honours a couple of times 😉

marinating yourself for sometime with utna applied everywhere

feel of cold water cleaning everything off

breaking of chirote (some fruit which sybolises the head of Ravana) by your left foot after the bath

the artistic forms created by the seeds of chirote after crushing it under your foot

the divine feeling after the bath

eating the faral which include karanji, anarse, shankarpali, chakali, shivda, ladu (many types)

wishing everyone Happy Diwali (even to U…. A very Happy Diwali)

laxmi pujan in the evening

take care… play safe!

Update: Well, all said and done….! I recieve a call around midnight from someone completely unexpected..Sumesh and he had come down to Sankools place for bursting some crackers. Even though Sankool tried to convince me earlier in the evening but coudn’t. It didnt take a lot of time for Sumesh though because by midnight I was just bored of studying so wanted to freak out too. Now, there I was with Sankool, Sumesh and Akshat just freaking out trying everything possible with the available resources(like… lighting rassi bombs in a helmet, cans, road divider and anything else that we could get our hands on) Most of the time I was bursting laxmi bombs by lighting them in my hand and then throwing them in the air. I had almost perfected the art by the time we had to stop. Yah.. finally we did stop at 2:30am but only after intervention from neighbours 😉

Should I add that we enjoyed…;-)