This is the name of my school group. Did write a long mail on it. Pasting the same here. Some interesting things to read in it. Its really LoooOOOOoooong. So wont mind if you skip it altogether. Not all have time like I do. LoL

—starts here—

Hi eVeryOnE !

Now this would defenitely be a long one from me… so do take out time and read it. Also if I miss your name then I m so sorry. If I associate you with something which is not related to you then again I am sorry.

Firstly, let me Thank Akshata for initiating this string of responses…

    • do people still bother to rememeber.its not a forward
      • yes we do bother hehe.
      • Re: [School_Friends] yes we do bother hehe…
      • RE: [School_Friends] yes we do bother hehe…

Now, this is why groups are for ! 3 Cheers for Akshata … Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray !!!!

Hey Thnk Us even for Sandeep,Akshat and Amar who replied and also for all those who read these mails and thought of replying but coudnt.
Now something about me:

Let me start by saying that school days for me dont seem that far. It feels like yesterday (err… may be day before yesterday… hm.. somehting like last week or so … forget it .. i hope you get it, arey bhavanaoonko samjho)

School days is what my memories are made of, Diploma (which I happened to choose after SSC) is most forgetfull and now again Degree (BE) is enjoyable (after Diploma I have grown to appreciate even the slightest of good things that happen in my life :–) LoL

I am not pretty sure about other streams but Mumbai Universtiy(MU) Engineering surely suCks ! Its the most insane place you can be. I am sure so many of you would share the same feelings (Akshat, Bonsy, Dazzle, Vasajit, Rohit, Shruti, Kushboo, Nihal, Prakash … and the list goes on). Kyun dukhti nas par haath rakh diya nah?
I would also like to mention one good thing about MU which is… one who passes out of it is a certified Crunch Situation Specialist. So now you know who to contact in case of crunch situations. (Need not say most of the times they are the ones who create such situations)
Well I can go on and on about Engineering may be forever. So, keeping the crap with me and writing about something else.

Well this reminds me of Doctors who are quite a few among us. I didnt get into medicine bcoz of disection and the related acts. One good thing about Doctors is that they get a chance to serve our nation and the people. Bade dil wale log hain!

Also quite a few opting for Commerce. Now for the record I know the basic funda of commerce:
Debit the reciever and Credit the giver. Did I get this right >?

Is anyone of us in something completely different…? Do tell us !

Being in Engineering I had the chance to meet quite a few (Akshat, Rohit, Kuchboo, Dazzle, Shruti) bcoz basiccaly we engineers follow the same pattern. When we have exams others and enjoying. When its our turn, everyone else is busy with college.

Its been a little over 5 years after school. Did meet so many of our school mates in these years in person and also online. Yup quite a few regularly pop-up online (Akhil, Akshat, Amar, Deepti, ManAsi, Chandani, Riyaz, Jayanti, Maulik, Sheetal, Kartik…) Chk the member list of the groups to get hold of their ids and add them to your favourite IM client.

Hey let me try and complie a exhaustive list wherabouts of everyone I have been in touch with and also heard about from you all:


Mech. Engg in Chennai. Still continues to have that X-factor which drives galz crazy. LoL


Comp/IT Engg in TSEC Mumbai. Majhe main hain


Medicine. No specks now and a lil leaner. (tats wat shw once told me)


Presently can be classified as a Phirang. LoL


Commerce. Also swims a lot. Stil same as he was… jst different hair cut LoL


Bio Grad. Doing ‘nothing’ nowadays (now this is wat she stresses). :–) Looks gr8. LoL


Masters in Psycology (am i right?) I knw she and me are ones who need Psyc treatment. Coudnt stop laughing over on each and every prank that we played on others and ourselves whn (Sndy,Amar, Chandni, Cheri and me had been to see Iqbal ) Oye Bubbly is all I can say !


Elec. Engg from Terna. Yeh bhi bechara Engg kar raha hai like so many of us.


B Arch. Vacation time for her now. Akshata I am sure she now reads mails so you can try dropping her one 2. Surprisingly, we last met at bus stop(s). We were at opposite ends of the road waiting for the bus and communicating using sign language. Filmi Na !

Gupta Brothers

Business. Dana pani acha hai


PG in Nutrition. All the more reason for all guys to Queue up. Hahahahhahha LoL


Pursuing Diploma. Hey hes got his hands into many things .. Like H/W and stuff. Loves bikes and owns a couple of antiques. Drives them like crazy. Dhoom


BE in St. Francis.


B Arch. Recently finished with her submissions.. LoL Hope you noticed that capital A. Now do emphasize on it otherwise she gets annoyed. ManAAaaaaasi (Even this would annoy her)


Mst hav completed Bio.






BE. Kidhar hai tu…. maja ma na ? Stil remember his attire in Alladin (Drama competition)


Mst hav completed Bio.


MBBS. Doing gr8 as always. Did brk a few records in CET.. LoL


BE. Met quite a few times in the Saloon. LoL


Guessing,… Commerce. Did see wuite a few times in Goregaon. Most of the times spotted with his bike.


Service Management in Denmark. Chases Scandivanian galz now. LoL


Doing Arch. Tats it !


Dentist frm Gulbarga. Aate jaate rahta hai. Doing gr8 there.


BE frm Vartak. I still do look UP to him. LoL


Commerce. Met a couple of times. Was in Bhavans.


Learning English… LoL. Met last month. Doing good. Hey dude do mail any of the pics of that meet. Wanna be Managment Guru


Studying Phsycology … ? in Bangalore. Sorry If i m wrong mujhe elaj ki jarroorat hai lagta hai.


BE. Working with Murthy…. LoL !!!! Nah. Since shes from our batch she would probably be in finaly year now. I am sure she would be placed in Infosys.. so probably she would begin working next year.




Dnt knw … ! Modelling… surprising… well All the Best to him. I mst say hes got good physique. Did meet him last @ Prabodhan (same place where we would have our Sports meet)


BE somewhere in Maharastra. Now has a bike. Hodibabaaaaa


Studies with Sandeep. LoL


Commerce. Hes bcome a coOL DuDe now. I am sure you woudnt recognise him by his looks but his actions are still the same.. (Not many know what I am hinting at … Akhil, Riyaz.. i guess you know?) Calls me Surve. LoL

Sorry if I missed any… may be its bcoz its 3:15am NOW.
Well its been a really long mail as I expected whn I started writing it.
Surprising statistics:
Words: 1365
Characters (no spaces): 6078
Character (with spaces): 7425
Paragraphs: 109
Lines: 210

You can get in touch with me anytime:


Mobile: 9819319609

Hey its my exam time now. For ppl who are unaware abt Engg ethics: For us exam fever starts right after submissions are over and time table is put and it continues for atleast a month to month and a half. I will keep mailing. Will need your wishes. (Also if you want I will scratch your back.. you scratch mine…. LoL )

Good wishes to all of you…. Take care

Keep in touch.

Goodnight, Shaabha Khair, Shubhratri !

[Note: Forwards on the groups are temporarily banned. Find out better ways to say you are ‘AliVe and KiCKinG’ LoL. Though if you wanna forwards mails do include (School_Friends OR SF) in the subject line]

—finally ends—

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  1. good to know…….u have TIME for keeping track of ur SCHOOL friends……..guess u’ll be writing a similar post on DBIT frnds 3 years later!

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