Kshana – Moments of Celebrityhood

Today I had been to this amazing event of Kshana – Moments of Happiness (of which I am a fairly active element) at Shraddha Vihar Girls Orphanage in Andheri. Though I do take active part in organising events only in the first 2-3 months of the sem I do try and attend the events if possible.

The event was scheduled from 3:30 to 5:30 and I did reach on time for the event but could not plan and reach with others bcoz I was expecting a call from someone who may hav joined me.
It must be 15 of us there and it started with the usual Hi… Hellos and stuff.

First up was a magic shoe for the kids (most of them (arnd 35-40) were 8-13 age group and another 20 odd were of 14-17 age group) didnt confirm bt it loked so. The magician was a regular at our events but today he was at his best. I coudnt even guess wat was going on actually. Everyone, I mean everyone enjoyed the tricks. He did a great job and later I even congratulated him personally.

Next up was a small filler by 2 gals from the same place who performed well. One of the gals danced like a pro… wid the rythym.

Now after this we had a game… read on this is the interesting part….!
The game was pretty simple all the gals were divided into these 3 group houses (red,green and blue) and they had to build this long straw by joining straws that were provided The trick here was to first collect max no of straws and then join them together w/o any brks. I was made the red house leader. I started my job immediately and tried to group all the red house galz. To my surprise a few of them were calling me Sujal… [frm Kahin to Hoga LoL bt i didnt realize it until later]. The rulz wer explained and I used my team leading skills to motivate them (eg: i asked them to split into grp of 4s and wrk). While all this was going I did realize that I was being referred to as Sujal. I promptly replied I am Akshay and as usual they did voice their Qs whether I was Kumar or Khanna… LoL but they ddint stop they were still referring to me as Sujal. The game started and all was lookin fine bt the only prob was that my team waited for the others to collect the straws and them did peick up the remaining ones (less compared to others). I was waiting for them at the other end where we had to join the straws together. These galz were still calling me Sujal and I was jst blushing away bcoz I was so mch surpised by all this. We finished the earliest bcoz we had colected the least no of straws. I did try to cheat for them… I knew wher the xtra straw packs were kept bt I was caught red handed while doing so by Vaisakhi. This Sujal thing was getting more prominent now since they were free as all the strwas wer put in place. Now othere Kshanaites did understand wat was going on and even they were surprised. LoL. We knew we were loosing… bt it was a happy ending.

Next up was a filler by Anand wid some mimicry of stars which was a hit. Hes a class apart at hosting events bt i guess even Roshni does pretty well. Shes not into mimicry its jst her persona which is a attention puller.

Now we had the most happening session comming up – The Jam Session. Music wasnt upto the mark bt was okie for tat place somehow. When the music started I heard screams of Sujal… Sujal… Sujal (I saw behind and those 13-16 age odd galz were waving at me as if calling me behind). I wasnt mentally prepared for it bcoz it takes me time before I get onto the dance floor. I dnt like to start the whole thing. But here it was gona be different ! As soon as I realized wat I was getting into my ran out.. newways i was near the door so it was more like jst going out for fresh air. Everyone insided realized that they were calling me to dance and I sud join them.. esp Aditi she pulled me in and pushed me behind wid all those galz surrounding me. By GODs grace no gal misbehaved… LoL! except pulling me by my hand. The music was on and I was the center of attraction there …I had to start something… and I did some nice moves here and there .tats it and tats all tat I can do. But i kept the tempo going. Those galz were suggesting some moves and I was trying them out. Now other Kshanaites were jst staring ..LoL I guess they were surprised by the fan following. There are couple of excellent dancers with us Kunal(like Govinda) and Aditi (nice and smooth). Now I was gettin repetitive bt wsnt gettin bored bcoz even the music wasnt upto the mark and those galz (12-15 pf them) were chattting wid me continuously. Asking me wehre is Kashish (female lead opposite Sujal) and otehr kinds Qs. Now this was my time. I said Kashish is standing there (I pointed towards Aditi) they pulled her in and I did get company for sometime. But they werent impresed by Kashish as mch aas by Sujal so Kashish was chuckd off soon. Now I had started this funddo move ( Bulb lagao, nal bandh karo.. LoL ) it was a instant hit. Everyone was in it. Tried everything frm fitting bullbs, eating apples and jst looking at ladoos. Try and imagine how these moves looked like. OoooooH my I really performed them well dnt care mch bcoz everyone liked it atleast they were njoying it a lot. We had Kashish ocassionally comming up to shake a leg. Well I was being called Sujal.. Sujal bhaiya.. Sujal Uncle and sometimes by mistak Akshay. I still can recollect everything. By the end of the session i was a lil tired bt i dint stop bcoz their enthusiasm was addictive. At the later stages they were prompting me to try ‘Bulb lagao, nal bandh karo’ step LoL.
Finally the dance session was over and I thought all the fan folowing was over.

I did sit near the steps to tak a few breaths and get a fell of things. By this time Kshanites had started serving snacks (cake and veg pattice). I did try helping bt there were already enough of us involved in it and I didnt want to create confusion so I again did sit on the stairs with Vaisakhi. Now all Kshanaites were also referring to me as Sujal… LoL.

To my surprise these galz were still waving at me and enacting that ‘Bulb lagao, nal bandh karo‘ step. Even I reciprocated their actions which sent a roar thoughtout the hall.. Sujal.. Sujal.. Sujal. They also offerd me wat they were eating and i did eat jst a lil from each ones plate (Vaisakhi was staring .. LoL and said bhaiya ko nahin khana hai ,.and i said .nahin nahin khana hai.. ! jst to keep their heart)

In sometime they finished their snacks and again were free and so I was surrounded with them asking me all sorts of Qs. (egs: Hey is she(Aditi) really ur Kashish? I said no jst for today LoL. Then where is ur Kashish?I said I wud bring her once dnt worry. LoL Wats her name? and so many…) I was answering them honestly as always and making sure they were not offended anytime. I did ask them wat they were doing and wat wud they like to do and aLL… They had some xam on monday and all were schooling and wer in didffernt stds.

It was time to say goodbye … bt the byes were not ending. I mst hav shaken hands with most of them more than once… and repeated tat dance step so many times jst for public demand. Others (Roshni) did pull me out of that place bt I did go inside again and again ( well to get my shoes then wind-shitter…etc). They did ask me whn wud i come bak… next Sunday? next month? etc. I didnt want to discourage them so I involved Ritesh (ChirmanSaaab) to tell them when. After some hesitation he did promise them of Christmas eve(24th i guess). Now phase I of saying goodbye had ended and we were out of that place and most of the galz had gone upstairs.

Outside we were taking group snaps for our memoirs. Now ther was again this wave of Suja.. Akshay.. Sujal..(voices), to everyones suprise 10-12 galz wer there on the terrace waving. Now this I never expected (bt everything tat day was unexpected) so i did wave at them to.. some return flying kisses (very innocently though) too. Now ther was this expt tat Aditi(Kashish) performed… she stood very close to me more llike huggin eachother and the voiced frm the terrace stopped. LoL funny results right ! But they all started as soon as she wasnt tat close. Even this continued for long.

Now it was time to actually leave the place. SAid my final goodbyes for everyone at the top… also my last wave and i did repeat tat step again a few times.
Still remeber a few name ..Priyanka,Savita, Sapna, Priya…this is for the recoed If i get bak there again)

ChairmanSahab ka ofice main promotion hua tha isliye we moved straight to Fanoos – Arabian food join (tried for CCD bt no place for 15 of us). Sorry didnt mention about Vidhi Swapnesh’s cousin who had also come. VeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeRy cute and sweet. Did a lot of timepass wid her at Fanoos. Usko bahut pakaya… ! We playd KBC2 .. I was computerji she was asking Qs and we were screening others.

Also met Kunal(diploma close frnd bt not in touch mch now) there wid his frnds! Usual hi’s and all.. ! Treat frm Ritesh was good …Ice teas and Pizzazs. Did chit chatter a lot.. it was over in lil over an hour. Said final goodbyes to all ….. and esp to Viddhi.

For me it wasnt over had to reach cousins place the same night… so it was me,Roshni and Aditi who went by bus to Andheri and I later caught another bus for Santacruz. Had dinner there finished the wrk fro which I had been ther and reached home by 12.

Finally I am writing this and re-living all the moments.

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  1. thank god bosco wasnt there,otherwise ppl wud have left u and ran behind him calling him AB AB.kabhi kabhi zarurat se jyada bhaav mil jata hai.happens sometimes.i know u must have felt on top of the world(had my own share of experience when few ppl told me i look like prerna from kasauti zindagi ki…..for me it was a big joke).and as far as ur matter goes…..dont get carried away coz u dont look like sujal at all!

  2. hey me not even close to Sujal!

    It was jst the purity of their thoughts which is why I accepted what they said for the time I was there.

  3. All this reading has left me wondering who is Sujal, what what does he look like!! I am surely going to remember that, you are Sujal and not Akky, the next time we meet. 😉

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