Its been raining heavily for the last 2 days especially during nights.
I do have a welcome visitor at home though.

Its a reflection… no Its an illusion… no no … Its a firefly !

Yup its a firefly. Looks awesome ! A small greenish-yellow bulb moving and flying around. Coudnt stop staring at it. I have see fireflies when I have been to treks (everywhere on trees at night in Peth and on railways tracks when I had been to Mahuli).

I have also seen jugnoos at Juhu Beach long long back. I still remember dat site of a boundary formed at the edge of the beach in the evening after sunset.(Can anybody confirm whether Jugnoos and fireflies are the same creatures?) I remember me and my brother collecting a few of them in a bottle, bringing them home and waiting dedicatedly for them to glow which they never did.