sHrEe gAnEsHaYaa nAmaAhAa…

[sing this…]
sem ka pehla fest
aur yeh sem ki pehle jeet
[guess which song is it…do let me knw abt it..
me not good with songs.. bt i surely knw tat this is some popular song rhyme which i pickd]

sHrEe gAnEsHaYaa nAmaAhAa zala

Won the WebD competition in Technozonva’05 organised by VJTI. I liked the format …didnt hav to whack my brains for long like in other fests where the format of the competition demands you to work on the website for 3hrs [sometimes 3hrs elims+3hrs finals]. At VJTI it was a 20 mins elims where we had to recreate a website which they showd a glimpse of and then a rapid fire finals of 1 hr which rawkd. Never ever had i tried to make a website in a hour. It was FuN. Wanna see what I came up with in just one hour… click here >>> FuN Mall . A lady Prof. judged the event was particularly impressed by my work.

Even Nishant was there for programming contest which was in the same lab. He never misses them. Another interesting fact is that he knws most of the programmers in the college that he goes to and he makes sure that he tells them about me. They end up comming to me and saying “Hi hello.. I am Nishants frnd.. he tld me abt u .. tat u r good @ webD and u wud probably win..”
Feels good !!! Feels good !!! Feels good !!! bt i may not be da best at accepting compliments even if i like them 😉 Do let me knw wat u feel abt da same… !

Sure this sem would be rocKiNg… Its started good already !!!