Hats off to Spirit of Mumbai!

[Well jst qikly read thru this. Its wat Manav posted on our grps. Sums most of the fun tat we had on 26th bt surely not all. Writing style is also different (u wud knw if u hav read some of my earlier takes) bt gets the imp mesg thru. Dnt worry me wud be posting on da same sooOn.]

When Sir Amiya Tripathi came and announced the dismissal of lectures,
it seemed a great relief from the unstoppable, “nothing great”,
exhaustive DSP lecture. It was however unknown what would soon follow.

Bridges were washed away, rail tracks submerged, telephone lines hit
and large areas suffered power cuts. Among the worst affected areas
were Bandra, Mahim, Matunga, Dadar, Santacruz, Byculla, Kurla,
Ghatkopar, Mulund, Thane and Badlapur. The city’s lifeline, the train
services, were paralysed due to waterlogged tracks and thousands of
people camped in the stations where food stalls were kept open through
the night.

We (Myself, Akshay, PD) started our journey through rains viewing it
as an adventurous, thrilling experience filled with excitement.
However, later when we found BEST BUS then half dipped in water with
lots of DBITians inside, a wise thought stuck us to return to college
premises; which we did but not all DBITians turned up to our proposal.
So the fellowship(Myself, Akshay, PD) again made the move to the BEST
BUS. However, we could not make it due to impactful nature of rains.

Returning to college was like taking a shade under our own house.
Well, we had a great fun filled experience; who wouldn’t have when
there are ppl like Adhwait, Neto, Ravi around!

Strange incidents were all around.
Myself and Akshay went in heavy rains to bring something to eat for
all. We went through the canteen wala back gate and to our shock, when
we turned back with vada-pavs we found it locked! Then Anna’s Dal-Rice
were overheard being appreciated. Atleast Anna has something in the
good books!

Astonishing statements were made by all the profs around:

“Anyone found on 2nd floor during night would be directly rusticated.”

“Don’t even turn your head while you r on the second floor”

“(At 9’o’ clock) Did u guys had your lunch already?”
Still curious to know what was on the second floor!

We played all the games possible out there. Then came the time to
sleep! We struggled here n there on the chairs to sleep, but in vain.
Thanks to Akshay, he came up with an excellent idea to remove the
curtains and sleep on it. So when our bed was ready, everyone jumped
onto it to grab a place! Sorry Adhwait, as we could give you just 6cm
of the place.

Morning due to cold , we found our throat chocked up, may be due to
cold, laughter, screaming. Even Adhwait could not sing his Morning
Raga. “I can sing only BASE songs properly” in his own words.
Anna’s FREE Black tea would have done the trick for our singer. We
were all reloaded then to spend one more day(may be even night) in

It was indeed not a good time for Hygenious (hopefully correct
spelling) Neto around. Neto came on bike the same day. Neto
undefeatedly, patiently trying to call to his house right from 3 ‘o’
clock made a striking statement: “Mere ghar ka cell no. yaad nahi re
barabar se.” Anish offered a great help by himself trying to call
from his cell atleast 100 times. Neto ended the first, and started the
other day by the same statement :- “Ae Anish, phone try kar na re!”

I had a good experience at hand and heartously SALUTE the SPIRIT of Mumbai
inspite of being SIX FEET UNDER, still keeps on going. Mumbai never stops,
Mumbai never sleeps! It has to go on. That’s AAMCHI MUMBAI. Yeh Hain Mumbai Meri

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  1. gud… u had a gr8 time it seems….. i missed all da fun.. my coll got over at 2 n i left frm churchgate n reached home safely… no adventurous experiences for me on 26th.. how sad…
    i got ur comment after long…. its been a long time since v chatted…. where r u? wts up? hows life?
    n ya congrats for ur results…i ckhed ur site now after so many days ,….. so got2 knw now

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