i LuV ChAtANi bt NoT PaTaNi

hey PCS is comming to our college on 20th of this month. Still i m not sure whether I sud go for it or not. Not sounding too confident tat i wud surely float thru da selection procedure bt u never knw how miracles happen and if i do get selectd then i do goota sign some bond. Hey if u guys have a suggestion then plz do let me knw.

Hey had been to college for da same reason. Ended up playing lawn tennis for hours together. Cool game esp if u get ur serve right.I wud get it right wid 50% accuracy . Hey though I dnt look lik a pro bt somehow i can play by da rulez. Its a tough game and now i feel like saluting steffi, anna,maria and others [or may be hugging, kissing,…]

wil keep u aLL updated abt wat happens on 20th. frnds once again pray for me… LoL lik i pray for everyone i knw at night.

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