ViVaS So fAr

System Programming

Day 1:
Hero: Suryakant Patil (SP)
Leads played by: Ravi
Supporting Roles: Deena and group
In his stellar performance he won everyones heart and was the talk of the college on Day 1 of the vivas of this sem. Hey credit to SP for extending support to our CR. {at least being a CR helped him somewhere if not for the whole sem but at the end when it mattered} :d

Day 2:
Hero: Suryakant Patil and Amiya
Leads played by: Anita
It was the role of her lifetime and she clinched it with both her hands. It was just perfect not over the top, right titiminggood body-eye coordination and tears at the right time. Everything was just right and to top it she was rewarded in no time with a 23.
Amiya was gr8. The only problem was he dididn’tnknowhe syllabus but we can excuse him for tat. In all he looked natural and also that his voice modulation and pronunciation was better tan SP.

Advanced DataBase Mgmt Sys
Day 1:
Hero: Selvin Raj & External
Leads played by: Ravi {performance below avg}
Surprisingly everything went well for him. Wat man! we were deprived of his emotional fire power on tat day. Hats off to Selvin to maintain his calm and just let things happen w/o creating waves.
3 cheers for the External. It was the best performance by and external so far, very natural and unassuming.

Day 2:
Hero: Selvin Raj & External [again]
Leads played by: Elza, Nikita & Akshay
Elza was so in her character that Selvin asked her to wash her face and come back. Nikita got her few mins of fame when she shed a few tears but its wasn’t up to the mark. She fell a lil short in terms of the sheer emotions.
Selvin made a good comeback when he came out and asked Nikita not to cry and all bcoz he gonna take care of the marks.
Finally i did feature somewhere. I always wanted to be on Walk the Talk [NDTV 24×7].. i guess there is still sometime before u guys see me there, But here I was doing the same with Selvin asking me questions [internal vivas] while walking in the corridor. Vivas were over by the time we reached his table and i signed the attendance and asked me to go home and study for WT. Felt like a celebrity for a few seconds when he was asking me questions. It was fun !

Web Technology
Day 1:
Hero: Guna Shekhar & External
Leads played by: Ravi [again]
Guna got his act together when it mattered. His performance surpassed Nana Patekars performance in Khamoshi. We never knew Guna cud deliver this stellar of a performance.
The external had forgot his script at home i guess. He messed it all up and made a mockery of the job entitled to him. He was uttering words from some internal profs script.
Also Ravi had his few seconds of limelight on the hot seat. I never knew that multi-threading is used in forums. Now even i believe the same. Thanks for that Ravi. I m sure when u would reply to this mail you would extend the thread that i have created.

Day 2:
Hero: Guna Shekhar & External
Leads played by: Sree
Finally an external of Mumbai University was certified as PAI-9001 …
Ya Sree was impressed by the externals knowledge about the subject esp the discussion they had during the vivas. May be tats the reason the external was awarded the PAI-9001 certification.

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