Anonymous: After performing well in CG wat next ?

Akky: Well I have OOAD and OS comming up in sucession.

Anonymous: OOAD ? [sounds like OoYeDi]

Akky: Hmm… may be bt this is one subject that interests me this semester. The most fascinating thing about it is that we can consider everything in this universe as an object. Ya and play with it like a katputali. Every object has a set of attributes more like nature of a person. We communicate with an object through interfaces it provides. Communication among ojects takes place through messages. One more analogy with us humans is that each oject has a lifecyle [create & destroy].

Anonymous: So you gonna crack this subject !

Akky: Well I didnt mean I am good at it. Liking for a particular subject allows you to ameliorate skills and take yourslef to the next level with alacrity. For this you need a platform and I dont find enginnering provides you with one. Well enough of all these thoughtful shit… the bottom line is that tommorrow pracs are going to be tough [tats wat i came to knw frm batch 1] and I m least prepared for them as always. But anyways it like it this way. Rest is fine. Take care bye. Hoping to see more of you Mr./Ms. Anonymous [wat say junta?]

2 Replies to “OOAD — OoYeDi”

  1. all the best.

    Though personally, I think all such authors of subjects like OOAD and SE are doing nothing, just bulls**ting around…

    All that is ever there is the book.. the concepts i mean are all real life concepts… still they make it so soo technical.. that we forget what do they mean.

    All the best.

  2. ooad is a gud subject. quite interesting. but the vivas were a disaster for almost everyone. i just hope everyone clears.

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