IDeas’05 memories

I m just going to spk of the good things that i noticed ( its not tat i dnt kne wat went wrong, everyone wud hav his own opinion bt i will leave it for the comming convention team for next year ) …..and sorry if I miss to mention some of the good things.

Let me start by saying that it was the most enjoyable experience on the whole. As all were leaving Kornark(hpe i get the speelings right:-) i had a lump in the throat lik the one i had while seeing Black. Probably I had the feeling of missing all of U …….. and more so I was waiting there and was seeing others leave one by one.

I must say we worked hard ……..ya really hard in our own sense. I m sure everyone of us have sacrificed a lot to be here and also shuffled our priorities. I missd many of the meetings for the convention which were held at the chpt office and also the sandwhiches (or biscuits watever tat was served). But now I feel I should have attended some more because I missd the opportunity of being with U all.

Let me try and desc the committies in one liners and their keywords (consider it as my personal opinion and not of everyones if u find it offensive 🙂 :


“truly Online exisistence”

What I feel is that since we were in the technical team we had to be techno and this was our way of being techno. Also one more thing that I would like to point out is that according to me we ( 4 of us [+1 (bcoz i wud consider patrick to also be one of us)]) worked very well together unknowingly dividing our work equally. Also Nikita’s sincerity surprised me bcoz before i was not sure wat a gal wud do in a technical team ( and i m sorry for my foolishnes ) since she proved me wrong.


“Website par Hiranandani upar hona chaiye that aur Microsoft neeche”

Sponsorhip team had all the BigTime members. Do I need to list them? The only drawbak of me doing the spons. brochure was that bcoz of me our accnt went into negative even before sposorship money strtd comming in. I also remember Pinto sir telling me that “if we are expecting 5 lacs then never mind if the brochure printing cost is more . go ahead”

Publicity and Registration:

“everything of theirs depended on other committes and thus they had to postpone most of their plans”

It had the max no of members. One standout pt abt the reg team was that during the first day we had all of the SFITians ( which had 100+ registrations) comming up early,then registering for GNU/Linux wrkshop which had a max of 60 seats……… thnks for this to Prajakta,Patrick,Siddesh & Tarun and others fron their college. It was sad that only SFIT was attendin the GNU/Linux wrkshop. …… guys I dnt have any grudge against anyone watsoever bcoz after the 61 entries

( ….. 61 bcoz after 59, 2 ppl had registerd simultaneosuly …. fuuny na bt this is a fact ) i managed to get in 4 DBITians ( 100% of the DBITians who had come on the first day) in somehow with the help of Tech Team batch and Tarun who was at the door.



feels great to knw that they had pulld up this mag in just 5 days without much help frm others who cud have submitted articles. I must say even the ISRO dir. was impressed after looking at it though he didnt say anything.


“ICOC is everywhere”

They were the ppl who performed well finally. I was esp impressed by the hardwrk put in by each one of them. They were the ones who won the hearts of everyone. 3 cheers for them


“They got it all together”

A lot of work was put in by the PC team. I fell He-manshu lead them well. Though many felt that he was doing a lot of ‘natak and chilamchalli’ bt on the convention days I m sure he was the one on whom the spotlight was. They didnt let us down. I also felt they were most well orgnized.

Few one-liners for U all ….if u missd them:

“You should get in Mahesh Murthy …….. “ — Patrick (lontime bak ……..and everyone likd it again)

“I will need 50k for robotics” — Anurag ( robotics event head ) as tld to Bhavik ……. at chpt office

“SNDT is a university ….and umIT is our college name……… “ –UMITian

“Your team cant be contacted ……. we sud gift Akshay a mobile” — Nirupama */*/05 ( she tld this to niki . i feel it was such a noble thought)

“Haan ….haan main aa raha hoon abhi thodi der main pahunchta hoon…” — Digant 3/3/05

“i hope something magical happens” — Manisha 3/3/05 (comenting on the low regis frm TSEC)

“Ravish Singh ………. ( and something more without sayin sir or anythig else with it ) …………………… “ — Pradnya 3/3/05 (for which she had to hear some firing frm him)

“Aunty …………. !” — Vicky throughout the conv ( i m sure u knw who he was adressing)

“Hey tu free hai kya ………. okie yeh kaam kar …….. “ — Bhavik/Pratik ( frm wat I hav come to kne…frm others… though I must say both of them are sporting enf. … i appreciate tat)

“Padtalidictory …… ( ceremony in which Bhavik and Pratik got targeted…)” — Aseem,Praful,Vicky 3/3/05

“Hey! yeh toh English paper hai …” — Akshay (to nikita when she was piking up times of india at TIFR since we had to pass sometime)

“I m frm SNDT college .. UMIT “ — Nikita 5/3/05 (believe me guys she said it to that ISRO Dr. ….. i hrd it clearly and she said this in hurry bt she may not acept it bcoz she may be court martialed or sued ……….lol quite a possibility [bt this is my side of the story])

“I m the only one frm the tech team …. akshay has only come for his events (webD and programming)” — Nikita 5/3/05 (couldnt hlp it ……. it was the reason i was in the tech team . cudnt have ignored participating in the events)

“Akshay ….akshay ………. “ — Vicky 5/3/05 (when DBIT won the Best participating college award … was a good gesture )

“Bosco Bosco Bosco Don Bosco ……….. ” — DBIT studs ( and some others 2 i guess ) [the trophy is imp for us only for the reason that we can show this to our princi and somhow make sure that we get attendance for all these days …..and also attendance for the next convention beforehand]

” ……… Red Bull …….. “ — Priya/Barkha 5/3/05 ( still dnt kne wat it was bt ..ya it continued for a long time )

” John the baptist ………. “ — Ravi Miranda 5/3/05 ( plz save us frm these PJs ……..)

“He is a dudu boy “ — Priya 5/3/05 (whn i said i drink jst milk)

“Ismain cheez kam hai ………. vapis lake do ! ” — Barkha 5/3/05 ( on having less chese on the top of pav bhaaji)

“Yeh hamare Mahila Morcha ka adyhakash hai” — Voiced by Varsha and seconded by Jalpa,Barkha and Priya finally accepted unanimously.

“Ismain kanda nahin hai ..Jain hai kya” — Barkha 5/3/05 (after having one spoon of pav bhaji.. lol) …….. “chal vapis karte hain … ” — Priya (continud barkhas discovery) ”

“M^1n 13 ba6ky m^^` b&ew^^L! h00n” — Varsha 5/3/05 ( I am sure no one missed this frm Varsha [i m sure the pitch was so high that no one wud have even if he had coverd his ears]……. I didnt write this bcoz I fear for my life……….and wud surely not dare to include this on the website . ;-).

“Yeh sunne ke pehle mere kaan kyun nahin phat gaye” — Akshay 5/3/05 ( on hearing Varsha’s cry)

“Dont do it .. not on the website ……… I will kill you “ — Varsha 5/3/05 ( i wont …and i havent … and will never think of doing it . kyunki mujhe meri jaan pyaari hai)

In all it was a memorable Xp and thnks to Ravi sir for the dinner at the end of the convention which was much needed. Hope to find some more by comming to a post-convention meet whereever it is. Looking foward to see U all there and treasuring all the hectic, stressful, busy, funny, touching, stupid moment with U all.

–[ ak47surve ]–