hApPy HoLi

HOLI is the festival of COLOR.

Thought of wishing all my CSI mates HAPPY HOLI wid this >

<CSI post convention HOLI meet>

I m sure everyone enjoyd it !

These were some of the reviews i recieved on this pic :

Barkha : cool haan
Barkha : “:_
Barkha : nice job
Barkha : n happy holi

Neha Mendon: Cheked it
Neha Mendon: u seems to do a loads of hardwork……………
Neha Mendon: grt work…………………Wish a Very Happy Holi

Aarti Ramanathan: saw re
Aarti Ramanathan: really gud

Pascal Nunes: wow
Pascal Nunes: so its holi party

Varsha : the pic is amazinggggggggggg
Varsha : cool man
Varsha : really cool
Varsha : re u were suppose to spoil some more(though the spoilt ones luk gr8)

Sid Nimkar: good 1

praful (paps) : Akki is just 222222222222222much. Abe, after reading his mails i just remember one song “YEH LADKA HAI ALLAH”.

Pamella Das : Well I was prtty Grumpy 😉 coz I was not there in the
iDeas’05 team pic, but aftr seeing Akki’s HOLI Version
of it I just cudn’t stop smiling. I must say he did a
Fantastic job on it, (Very Imaginative) and I totally
agree wid Prafull.

Manisha Papriani : akshay, that was nicely done. very imaginative i must say

Nikita Dashputra : tht was really cool on the post convention website……i liked tht concept of online holi….lol….”Truely Online Existence” i can say!!!

Tanya : hahah….nice pic
Tanya : have fun…happy holi
Tanya : hope these memories nevr get bitter…

Waiting for some more of such reviews…

6 Replies to “hApPy HoLi”

  1. Hmmmm

    Nice job of putting up wat the otehrs think of all ur creative pic out here!

    keep ur space buzzing…

    N Happy Holi!

  2. hey barkha u didnt tell tat even u blog ………. some well kept secret kya >? Also i had ask u specifically @ Thakur before leaving for the post-conv dinner bt i guess u were drunk (RedBull), so u are forgiven

    nJoy !

  3. hey i did say i do blog… but i guess u were busy bird watching tht u dint think of asking da URL .. .hehehehe… its ok


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