CSI Meeting

I had completed my DCOM journal and was already to submit and get it all corrected. But then I had called the CSI meeting that disrupted all my plans.
First of all ….. the council members suk. They have to be pleaded to attend the meeting.
Now about the meeting:
There were around 15 people who were attending the meeting. I started pretty well but may be I continued the opening speech too long …
The meeting was called for the Nation Convention … I conveyed all points very clearly to the best of my knowledge.
New college website:
Checked the new look of the college website .. its still in the approval stage. Just a passing thought that I could have made a better website than the present one.
Thought about tommorrow:
Tommorow I’m planning to attend the Tsunami … TCET Techfest. Lets see how things work out.
Planning to study now .. its already 11:25