After 2 days

I am back to blogging.

Yep ! I won againg but this time I was second. I was second to the people who I had defeated in Tusnami’04. I don’t mind because their design is better. They have stuck to this design now for the last 4-5 competitions that I have been to and I am sure they will continue with the same design at ISAAC too.
One good thing is that i also won second in the Open s/w competition. I am sure my presentation did the trick. It’s not that CRMProbe my fianl year diploma project isn’t good enough but my presentation was the deciding factor is what I feel.

PC Upgrade
Was planning to upgrade the PC and finaly did it. Upgraded the HDD to 80GB and RAM to 128 MB. So, finally I have 100GB HDD space and 256MB RAM. . good na.
Well one of the reasons to get a second HDD is that I am planning to stop using Windows and only stick to LINUX. I will install Fedora Core2 on the 20GB HDD. Looking forward for it!

Anant Chaturthi
It is the 10 day of Ganeshotsav. Planning to go to Juhu Beach for Visarjan like the last two years. The atmosphere there is great. Also I have heard that if you make a wish in ‘Ganapatis right ear then it is fulfilled. I have started believing this !

CN Test
Tommorrow we have CN test. Will try and study.

Will have to get a lil serious about studies now ! One thing good is that I am at par with everyone w.r.t the journal work.