WebD @ ReZoNaNcE’06

Yup, had been to Rezonance’06 UMIT college tech-fest primarily for completely different reasons but ended up participationg in the WebD competition bcoz:

  • There was nothing else to do as the robotics event (Ravi had participated here… also i expected many colelge frnds to turn-p for the event lik on the previous day) which was going to be held was delayed.
  • Ravi and I decided to crown one of us the WebD champion…( or wateva tat is) once and for all.

The subject given to us was Game Website… and this > GameVilla is what i made. Its a gaming website specially targetted for kids (or adult kids), very obvious from the whole look. Did a lot of photoshopping esp. for the banner.

So, any guesses wat happend?

[Would write abt it in next post… also would try and desc the whole outing and FuN we had…:p ]