Guess what the title of this post means! Did you try linking the title of this post to Monalisa? Oh! you are nowhere near finding the right answer. Pagalisa is what Varsha, my cousin sister calls me. Isn’t that coOL??? LoL, may be not but it sure is FuN to hear. Don’t remember when she started using this for me but its surely been long. Recently, she had been on a vacation to Goa over the last week and stayed over in Mumbai for the weekend.

Varsha is a typical Delhite with don’t mess with me attitude. She is FuN to be with most of the time till you play by her rules (LoL). If you try to mess around with her you sure are to be punished. The punishment may vary from Kung-fu chops, bites, katti to calling her mom. We together really have a blast. I tend to compete with her in all respects double it up with more hungama :p. Shes naughty and likes calling and SMSing people from my cellphone. When I had been to Delhi she just happened to call and SMS random people. So this time I was careful and kept my cell phone away from her. Last time around when she had been to Mumbai she was offcourse smaller and even more random. She took a permanent marker and wrote my name on my wooden cupboard. How sweet isn’t it? I tried erasing those marks but it wasn’t of any use and I thought it was sweet so I kept it as it is. Later, I remember fondly SMSing masi when they left Mumbai,

Varsha ki yaadein Dil, Dimakh aur Cupboard par hamesha rahengi!

This still holds true. I hope she remains like this forever… 😉