Mammu must now have reached the US!

Well there is this good news… Mamta has left for US on Monday night. She was scheduled to leave on Aug 9 but bcoz of Maleria it got postponed. She would be doing her MS in CS at IIT, Chicago.

Well its good news… bt not really for me as now I wont be having a sister to visit for Rakshabandhan…. sad. Really sad!

Had bought a cute little photo frame for her. Mom also did gift her something but this was my gift for her. Well in the photo frame I selected a pic of her and mine together when we were small and cute (shes still is cute). With it i also put this “maar… ahe na” (a small incident which i will never forget…)

Once when she had come to stay at our place long back… we were passing our time playing. Don’t remember the exact incident and how the events unfolded. The only thing I remember is that i hit her with a cushion. She said “maar maar mee tujhi moti baheen aahe na… maar !” (continue hitting, I won’t mind as I am your elder sister). So, i started bashing her up with more blows and later stopped after I was interrupted by someone. Not sure who. But she did bear all of it.

Did reach the airport early an hour before… (surprised..? its bcoz of mom. When moms there this is wat happens but it was better than reaching late)

When I did gift her the case she looked damn excited to open it, which she did. I feel she liked it (could see glowing eyes and big smile).

Did pakofy others especially boss (Sushil dada) a lot while she was checking in… just wantd to create a lighter ambience before the final good-byes.

Thats it… said the final good-byes and wishes etc… !

Will miss her a lot 🙁