How is the T-Shirt?

Had been to BarCampMumbai2 at IIT Bombay yesterday wearing the t-shirt. Tell me how do you like it?


Here is the reciepe:

Ingredients: Adobe Photoshop, T-shirt printing service, Watch, Mom, Friends, Bike
Preparation Time: 55 mins

  • Decided on getting a T-shirt at the very last moment. For me it was around 7:05pm
  • Fire-up Adobe Photoshop and start experimenting
  • Ask mom for help with colors, placement etc.
  • Keep track of time all this while. You can’t expect a shop getting it printed for you after 10 pm
  • Freeze on the design only when you are satisfied position and color of all the pixels. (18 mins)
  • Call up and ask friends if they have any clue of T-shirt printing services nearby?
  • Get your bike and reach the shop with all the PSDs (22 mins)
  • Consider yourself more intelligent than the shopkeeper as finally its you who is going to wear it. At the same time seek and value his strategic advice. Its routine for them but special for you.
  • Wait patiently first while the negative gets printed (15mins) and then while it gets ironed (2mins) on the T-shirt
  • Show it off 😉

Mom (Color and Design inputs)
Sankool (For pointing out the small shop at Spencers in Inorbit Mall where I could get the T-shirt printed.)

P.S BarCampMumbai2 and deserve dedicated posts 😉