Sweet November

Malaka Spice

Into the night I wait
with closed eyes I await

A small nudge
and a soft whisper
Wake me up
this November

The feeling of a moist peck
and your warm breath
Don’t let me sleep
this November

Hold me tight
and caress me right
Be with me
this November

It’s been long
and we have been longing
Let’s make love and
remember this as sweet November


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You are the One

Logan Square, Philadelphia (place I wrote this down)
Logan Square, Philadelphia (place I wrote this down)

Few years back
I said to myself
Said to myself
that You were the one

Even that day
I had no doubts
Had no doubts
deep in my heart

I wanted a chance
to look in your eyes
Look in your eyes
and confess my love

I promise I tried
to ask you out
Asked you out
but you weren’t convinced

Now that I think
I should have tried
Should have tried
and given my best

Here I am today
and I want to confess
Want to confess
you’re still the one

I don’t expect
for you to feel
You to feel
the same as I do

I want you to know
that all I wish
All I wish
is good for you

Nothing’s gonna change
of what I feel
What I feel
is my love for you

Years down the line
and all I fear
All I fear
you may still be the one


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P.S: I wanted to compose this into a song but that didn’t happen 🙁 and it was one of the reasons why it took me so long to post it on my blog. So, for now enjoy the lyrics of what could have been my first debut single 😉 Click here to see Logan Square in all its beauty.