Look who’s talking about PHP :)

David, creator of Ruby on Rails recently made a post on his blog related to PHP. He did have some good things to say about PHP and as he rightly pointed out that it deserves some more respect from the community in general.

From his blog post:

I’ve been writing a little bit of PHP again today. That platform has really received an unfair reputation. For the small things I’ve been used it for lately, it’s absolutely perfect.

I love the fact that it’s all just self-contained. That the language includes so many helpful functions in the box. And that it managed to get distributed with just about every instance of Apache out there.

For the small chores, being quick and effective matters far more than long-term maintenance concerns. Or how pretty the code is. PHP scales down like no other package for the web and it deserves more credit for tackling that scope.

I have always respected and utilized them for tasks which leverage their inherent strengths 🙂