iNcLuSiOn of name in VoTeR LisT

I am 22 and I have still not got my name included in the voter list… oki so I am jst another youth whose not interested in politics and strongly believes ‘es desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta‘.

Then, you are wrong! I am jst the opposite. I am interested in politics… (anyone ready to give me a ticket(?)) and sometime in the future I may even go to the extent of the ones in Yuva… let me also say I wont do anything as bizzare as the ones in Rang de Basanti.

So what am I waiting for?

Well here it is…

I am waiting for my inclusion in the voter list by initiating the process online. I tried it last time and nothing happened. I have tried it again. Hope this time everything happens as mentioned on the website.


This is my humble appeal to everyone who sees this. Make sure that you register your name in the Electoral Voting List. If we can make a difference then why count on others. Lets CHOOSE.

Update: (Because of the recent comments in this post)

Let me make things clear that nor am I the ‘Cheif Electoral Officer’ neither do I work there, so avoid sending your voting information to me. This post only conveys that I made an online request for the inclusion of my name in the voter list. I thought it was clear from the content of the post but after the recent comments on my blog I thought of mentioning it clearly.

Along with that let me also add that after making a online request for the inclusion of my name I received a confirmation of the same later. You can read it here ‘Now even I can VotE !‘.

So, for everyone’s benefit let me share the procedure I followed:

1. Go to

2. Now click on the appropriate link on the right under ‘Online Registrations’:

3. Follow the procedure listed in the subsequent pages.

4. Keep your fingers crossed.

According to my mail records:

12th July, 2004: Application for the Electoral Roll

Thank you for Applying online for inclusion of name in electoral roll
Please follow the link below to confirm your application for inclusion of name in electoral roll

16th May, 2006: Autoresponder from CEO

Akshay Surve,
Your Form No is :XXXXXXXXXXX —————————————————————————————–
This is a System generated mail. Please do not reply to this E-mail Id

28th July, 2006: Your Application to CEO

Your online Application no XXXXXXXXXXX dated 2006/05/16
The name of has been included in 42-Goregaon Assembly Constituency in Part No 88 at Serial Number 958

So, I would request everyone to follow the procedure on website and in this process you may leave me a small ‘thank you’ note here in the comments section if you found this information useful. (Please avoid giving me your voting details along with it 😉