meebo roCks !

I have been following meebo for long time now since its start. It always interested me and I kept a chek on the features it provided from time to time. I would also sometimes happen to read their blog. It surely was an interesting read. A post I remember distinctly said,

“We wouldn’t misuse your passwords, as even our friends use meebo and they would remain our friends if we wouldnt have done so.”

So what makes me make a post about meebo today?

Simply because meebo launched meebome !

Whats special about this ?

Okie here it is. For years now, one could enable live statistics for a page to display the number of current users on a website. Then we also had ways to display our online(Yahoo! I am Online) status. meebome allows you to chat directly with a visitor on your site (provided you are logged onto meebo) while the visitor need not have a meebome account.

Check the live demo here >

(Don’t expect me to be online as I avoid being online when at work)

I tried it and its coOL !