Valu – The Wild Bull

Saw “Valu – The Wild Bull”, a Marathi language film. I don’t remember the last Marathi film I saw in the theatre. Did I ever see one?

Valu is about a small village in Maharashtra, which finds itself in fear of a destructive wild bull. Two city officials arrive to catch the bull, which they find far more tricky than they anticipate. They travel with a documentary filmmaker from the city who films their mission. The camera interests and involves the village folk far more than cornering the bull. After many adventures of their own and with the village elders and inhabitants, they finally succeed. The film looks at village life on many levels, ranging from political rivalry, family tensions, forbidden love, all of which is observed with wit and subtlety. What emerges are aspects of the human mind: on one side a sense of curiosity, mystery, competitiveness and friendship, and on the other, abrasive egos, the blinkered one-sidedness of religion, and the tenacious will and need to survive.


Everyone of us liked the film. Lakshmikant also gave his mark of approval on the technicalities of the film.


  • Well defined characters and strong performances.
  • Universal humor. More of situational and character based humor.
  • Compact. Not even for a second did my mind wander away from the movie.
  • Beautiful picturization. The village has been portrayed realistically.
  • Relief. No fake looking enacting of popular Bollywood movies.

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A sure must see after Shwaas.