Chak De India

You right! Saw the movie yesterday and just loved it.

Chak De India is amongst those very few sports movies from India which look real on screen. For me, the only other movie which holds this distinction is Lagaan. You really feel that the game is on and end up cheering for your team.

[continue reading if you have already see the movie as I would be disclosing the climax scene. I recommend you to go and watch it in the theaters]

Now the most interesting part of the movie. Few week back I had read the review of the movie online. The reviewer said that he hoped India had won the World Cup Final at the end. So, I knew India is gonna loose the Final. Now everything at the end was turning to be too dramatic and in the back of my mind I was thinking whatever it is India is going to loose. Now just before Bindia Naik took the last shot in the decider penalty shootout which made the scores India – 5 & Aus – 4, I said to myself “I don’t care about the review. India just has to win this. Chak De India.” Thats what happened, Bindia scored and Australia missed the last penalty stroke. I am so HaPpY we won.