Take the Pledge

Entrepreneurship Week India : Feb 2 - 9, 2008

E-Week India PLEDGE

If even one of the below resonates with you, please pledge:

Today, I renew my Pledge to an Entrepreneurial India.

I Will:

  • Break barriers between industry and academia
  • Foster information flow between the sectors
  • Regularly include entrepreneurs, industrialists, investors and professionals in campus programs
  • Find new and innovative ways for students to experience industry before graduation
  • Facilitate faculty interaction with industry
  • Work to bring the discoveries of the lab into society
  • Innovate in my work
  • Consider working for start up companies
  • Stop complaining – and start fixing the problems and barriers to entrepreneurial growth
  • Change my thinking from, “Why?” to “Why not?”
  • Continue, always, to dream big and work to bring those dreams to reality
  • Encourage and support others, so that we all might live in a richer, better India.

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