Mumbai - India



  • I am a rails hacker and an open source evangelist.
  • I only take up work which I feel strongly about and always ensure that I contribute more than code.
  • I love working for product or web services based startups and on open source products.
  • Also take a look at my complete resume here:
  • http://www.akshaysurve.com/about/resume/



PinTrendz: PinTrendz extracts every bit of data from Google Adwords related to each account, stores it in a unified time series database and maps it with the legacy internal analytics system on daily basis.
  • Experience: It started as a set of scripts which I would write late at night and on weekends which later went on to become one of the highlights at Pinstorm with two dedicated resources allocated under me. A custom ETL library was coded in Ruby to extract data from Google Adwords and later stored in a transaction based PostgreSQL database. Stored procedures were used to load data in the database. An ajaxified Rails front-end displayed the captured data meaningfully and supported custom visualization.
  • Keywords: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Stored Procedures, Fusion charts API

anonimity.net: Is one of its kind testbed for anonymity on the web with comments, tagcloud and a postflood build in 48 hours during the Rails Rumble 2007.
  • Keywords: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, nginx, Mongrel, Recaptcha, Capistrano, actsastaggable
  • Project URL: http://www.akshaysurve.com/projects/anonimity-net/
  • Experience: Rails Rumble gave me the opportunity to work on the concept of anonymity over the weekend. It was a 48 hour hackathon. I had to do a lot of multi-tasking as the application had to be designed, coded and deployed on a VPS from scratch. I first started with a list of tasks and then broke them onto small sprints of 3 hours each the way its done in SCRUM. Every 3 hours I would evaluate my progress and plan the next sprint. This was also the first time I deployed a Rails app successfully on a VPS. By the end of 48 hours I had a fully functional Rails app sitting on top of Ubuntu/nginx/Mongrel/MySQL5/Love. Capistrano saved my day as there was a small bug with my code which I fixed at the last minute and hit 'cap deploy' just at the right time.
  • Read More:
  • http://www.akshaysurve.com/blog/tag/anonymous
  • Note: anonimity.net is currently down. I would get it live soon as I bought a VPS recently.
  • Code:
  • http://www.akshaysurve.com/downloads/anonimity.zip

Mars: A planetplanet.org like feed reader with multi-user multi-planet support. Also features easy configuration, themes, caching and Ajax UI. Developed in 24 hours as a part of Pune Ruby Hackathon 2006.
  • Keywords: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ajax Scaffold
  • Project URL: http://mars.rubyforge.org/
  • Experience: This was my first stint with Rails. Used feed parser and Ajax Scaffold (now Active Scaffold). Migrations is what impressed me the most. I was adjudged the Silver Hacker of the Hackathon for churning up the feed reader in 24 hours.
  • Read More:
  • http://www.akshaysurve.com/blog/tag/mars
  • http://punehackathon.pbwiki.com/Mars
  • http://punehackathon.pbwiki.com/



  • Participated in the RailsRumble - A 48 hour hackathon and successfully coded and deployed anonimity.net, September 2007
  • Chosen the Silver Hacker at Pune Rails Hackathon for Mars, July 2006



SocialSync, Telecommuting

July 2007 - Present

Founder, Lead Developer
  • Architect a scalable distributed online platform to manage web identities of organizations and build a layer of social networking features and services around it.
  • Keywords: Linux, PHP/MySQL, Subversion, Trac


Pinstorm Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

July 2006 - June 2007

Lead Developer
  • Involved in conceptualization, design and development of SEM tools to aid business processes viz. keyword biding, campaign tracking and analyzing campaign trends.
  • Keywords: Ruby, Ruby on Rails/PostgreSQL/Stored Procedures, Linux, Apache, PHP/MySQL, Subversion, Trac




Machine: MacBook (I call it Xen)
Editor: TextMate (Vibrant Ink theme), Emacs
Development Browser: Firefox
Default Browser: Safari
Preferred Tool: Terminal



Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai, 2003 - 2006

BE in Computer Engineering, 3.75 - 3.95 (69%) Grade Point Average


Bombay Institute of Technology, Mumbai, 2000 - 2003

Diploma in Computer Technology, 3.5 - 3.7 (73%) Grade Point Average