I hop… I takeoff!

I am always pre-occupied. At times when I am alone I feel I am not. It’s a strange feeling I can’t explain. Dreams, thoughts, things and todos have been clogging me for time immemorial. 

With all this in the back of my mind, I begin. Still not sure if it’s an escape or a journey. Unclear whether I am seeking or simply exploring. Not so surprisingly, where is inconsequential. It could have been anywhere. Although, time was critical. This should have happened last year but it didn’t. I am happy that I am finally taking off. Good that things happen, when they happen and how they happen. I am in no mood to complaint. 

I am in debted to all who made this possible in spirit. A doff of hat to near and dear ones. I love you and without your support I couldn’t have come out of the matrix.

About this blog

I don’t dope but the reference to ‘tripping’ is not just a coincidence. ‘Tripping’ is a blog I have started to share my thoughts as I begin a 45 day backpacking trip in Europe with Varun. Keep checking for more..:)