NiGhT MaRnAa

I feel ‘NiGhT MaRnAa’ comes naturally to me. I can easily relate to all nocturnal beasts.

I guess it all started during my brothers’ architechture days (or may be by birth bt it was then that i realized my potential). He used to work on his sheets and I would just give him company. Later, I started night maroing to study. Its always FuN to study at night. I like the quiet around.

Presently, I have found comfort in coding(programming) at night. Well, I can code at any time of the day but its different whn I code at night.Its just me and my computer. Sometimes I even play some soft easy music in the background when I am designing (or may be whn the quiet tends to eat me). I even happen to love the sunrise. It feels so empowering to me. So, I make sure I see the sunrise and then sleep :d

So what makes me think of this…? Well, jst another routine night maroing for me. This is what I am thinking right now…

All around me I see,
Me , me and just me.

‘NiGhT MaRnAa’ in Eng-Hindi means ‘Spending a Night’

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  1. Heh. Lets see what cool hack you re working on tonight.. and we see the results tommorrow.

    See you! 😉

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