Placement Activity

[Vanessa posted this mail on our college groups and I did reply to it in my own style… 😉 read it … i hav cut down her part a lil
> (content of actual mail)
rest is my reply ]


— itsvanessa183 <> wrote:

> This is one placement activity i will never forget
> in my life. not only me i guess even the remaining
> 300+ students present at
> Atharva College won’t forget the day.
…nice way to put it

> First and foremost Our Lovely Mr.Wilson Pinto gave
> us the news that
LoL… so sweeeeEEET!

> All thanks to
> Akshay who was there in college on tuesday,who
> informed us abt Syntel

> ;))Biju even fired
> ABC regarding not putting up a notice for this.He
gr8 going DuDe.

> Anyways finally 5 of us —
> Biju,Alymer,Anthony,Asha and myself decided to go.
tarampa parampaparaaaam !!!!!

> ABC had called us by 10 am to Atharva
> College,Malad-west.
> After a terrible time in the train we reached there
> by around
> 10.15am.The Syntel Company people turned up at
> 12pm.
not surprising

> This was the news we all least expected ” Not even
> a single student
> has cleared the section 1 cutoff,So no one is selected

now in the commnig days you would hear someone talk… 😉

“You rememver Syntel had come for placements… no one
of OUR students manged to clear the aptitude. how
surprising NOT even a SINGLE student cleared the
aptitude…. blah blah blah! ”

> After hearing this
> everyone started laughing.First time we all were
> happy after not
> getting selected.
expected this! ‘eXtreme frustration ki hansi’… LoL
(similar to ‘khushi ke aansooOoN’ )

> Now i feel why did i go and waste my time —- so
> much left to
> study in S.E.
dnt worry atleast you experienced something that you
wont ever forget 😉 (I am sure if u wud hav studied
SE u wudnt remeber it dat next month (may be not even
next day))

> God help me know.Anyways if i didnt go
> this would never
> be an unforgettable day in my life.
nice attitude! << its something which counts in the long run. finally, my heartiest congratulations to aLL of U for not making it, i m sure something more interesting is waiting for U (...lik utkarsh put it) take care